NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs: Enrollment Data Tracking Tool (EDTT)

The Enrollment Data Tracking Tool (EDTT) is an online evaluation tool to help academic departments evaluate efforts for recruiting and retaining students, by collecting enrollment and outcome data by major. Data collected is confidential and can be viewed in identifiable form only by the individual user. At this time, the EDTT can only support data collected by 4-year institutions.

NCWIT requests that all Academic Alliance member organizations provide enrollment data from at least your first year of NCWIT membership to the current year. NCWIT requests that all Extension Services client organizations provide a minimum of four years of complete data (the current year and three previous years). NCWIT will ask you to update your data each academic year.

How to Get Started:

Didn’t I give you data already?

Many organizations have already provided some data to the NCWIT External Evaluator or Extension Services. Once logged in, the years of data your organization has already provided (if any) will be accessible on the My Surveys tab. We suggest that you login prior to compiling data so you know which years of data are needed.

Why should I enter data?

You get to help NCWIT: NCWIT will better be able to measure their goal of improving female participation in computing majors. NCWIT compares the aggregated Academic Alliance data to other national data sources. NCWIT will only report data publicly in an anonymized format.

NCWIT gets to help you: Your organization will better understand enrollments by creating longitudinal trend charts which compare each of your computing majors to aggregated data from 1) other schools with the same types of degrees, and 2) other schools with the same majors. You can log in at any time to export these charts for grant proposals or other university work.